Mayor Giorgos Kaminis lodged a criminal complaint against the Golden Dawn

Mayor Giorgos Kaminis lodged a criminal complaint against the Golden Dawn

Fascists in Greece have recently attempted to stir up more racial hostility in the country by claiming that only white Greeks should have access to food.

In a move which echoed that of the Nazi party in Hitler’s Germany, the Golden Dawn held a food rally in Athens in order to ensure that only Greek people were able to eat.

The group, which derives its name from cabalistic occult order with roots in freemasonry, were banned from holding the rally in Greece in which they attempted to bar those they perceived to be non-Greek from gaining access to food.

The Golden Dawn system is based upon hierarchy and initiation like the masonic Lodges. The name “Golden Dawn” refers to the first of three occult masonic orders, although all three are often collectively referred to as the “Golden Dawn”, where the Greek party derives its name from.

The neo-nazi group were originally formed from a heavy metal band which also believed in occult practices.

Worryingly, the party has been gaining rapid popularity in Greece, after holding a number of publicity stunts in a bid to win support among the public.

They have been known to raid hospitals to throw foreign visitors and non-Greeks out onto the street and even demanded a list of foreign nursery school children to target. Earlier this year, the Greece’s Interior Ministry was forced to deny that it had supplied this information to the group Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panayiotaros demanded that the ministry give numbers of immigrant children placed in kindergartens across the country.

The Interior Ministry said it asked municipalities only for general statistical data and was not adhering to the party’s demands. However the Greek newspaper Kathimerini said that officials had originally complied with Golden Dawn’s request after several schools across the country said they  received documents from local authorities asking for information on ‘foreign’ schoolchildren.

The photograph below shows one such raid by members of the neo-nazi party.


They have also gone on the rampage by holding ‘Greek only’ blood drives, by collecting  blood from hospitals.

Last week, protesters who gathered outside a hospital in Tripoli, in the southern Peloponnese, were attacked when they attempted to demonstrate against Golden Dawn members collecting blood. A journalist recording the event was brutally beaten, according to witnesses.

Using language rarely deployed by a European official, the commissioner, Nils Muiznieks, described the Golden Dawn as a “neo-Nazi and violent political party”. His 32-page report, compiled after a visit to Greece earlier this year, called for the party to be prohibited under legally binding international human rights conventions signed by the country.

Earlier this year, Human Rights Watch warned that xenophobic violence had reached “alarming proportions” in parts of Greece and accused authorities of failing to do enough to stop the attacks.

The party have become increasingly popular among the Greek population after capitalising on the economic crisis faced by the country, and the increasing levels of poverty.

They have used the global economic slowdown as an opportunity to lay the blame on immigrants, minorities and others who are perceived to be non-Greek.

But the real problem isn’t immigrants or brown people. Because at the heart of it all is a banking system which relies heavily on debt. Under the fractional reserve system which is currently in place in all European countries, banks are only required to hold a small percentage of their customer’s funds as cash. In the olden days this was not a problem when currencies were backed by gold and silver, but as that is no longer the case, it essentially means that the vast majority of money in circulation is digital.

In this way, banks are allowed to issue loans – which are not backed by anything at all. But in order to keep up with rising debt and loans being given out to the public and various institutions, the banks simply continue to print more money. This debt keeps the money in circulation but has catastrophic consequences when the supply of money runs short and less money is printed. In situations where people take on less debt, or too much, or when widespread panic is caused by the media, and results in bank runs, a global economic crisis can occur – especially when the banking systems of individual nation states are governed by one central bank.

This crisis has resulted in smaller countries – such as Greece being effectively crippled by the economic crisis, leading to a situation where governments then have to implement ‘austerity measures’ in a bid to ‘improve’ the economy.

This is the real issue facing many countries such as Greece – but such problems are conveniently ignored by far right groups such as the Golden Dawn who instead divert attention to minority groups within a country.

The group recently hit headlines again this week for all the wrong reasons when far-right MP Giorgos Germenis tried to punch the mayor of Athens but missed and hit a 12-year-old girl instead.

Mayor Giorgos Kaminis lodged a criminal complaint against Germenis following the incident which came about after municipal authorities banned a ‘Greek only’ food centre in Athens.

Germenis currently enjoys parliamentary immunity from prosecution, and if charges are brought lawmakers would have to vote on whether to lift it. The Golden Dawn have threatened to retaliate against Kaminis and bring legal charges against him.

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