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It was recently reported that the NSA has discovered a way of hiding spyware inside the hard drives of all new consumer computers. The software allows NSA to have instant access and eavesdrop on all activities that are taking place on the computer at any given time.

This development of spyware was confirmed by Russian cyber security company, Kaspersky Lab, who have found that personal computers situated in over thirty different countries worldwide, were affected with one or more of these spy programmes connected to NSA. The Middle East had the highest number of infected computers. The NSA has been working in collaboration with the CIA, who was reported to be responsible for the attack at the nuclear plant in Iran.

Kaspersky’s researchers have reported, “some of the top companies in the industry have NSA spyware in their computers. The companies include, Western Digital Corp, Seagate Technology PLC, Toshiba Corp, IBM, Micron Technology Inc, and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. It is not clear whether, or not these companies have any knowledge of the programme and the software that made its way into their computers.”

Therefore, the extent of the spyware programme and the number of affected computers remains unknown. But it is clear in that this is obviously going to be another way on spying on every household throughout the world. As the war on terror intensifies, it is likely that we will see more and more innocent people being arrested for just using their computers or saying the wrong thing.

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