Obama has welcomed the backing of the House of Representatives who approved his plan
to push ahead with his military intervention in Syria.

His plan includes $500 million to back what he claims are “moderate” Syrian rebels.

The action has been approved on the backing of videos which purportedly show radical members of the alleged terror group IS/ISIL/ISIS/take-your-pick beheading American citizens in the country.

One of the videos was later denounced as being fake by a police forensics company.

In addition to his plan to arm Syrian rebels, the US continued to strike IS targets as part of the never-ending war in Iraq.

Syria has a pact with Russia, which means that if either country is attacked, the other will intervene. This means that if military intervention in the country is ongoing, it could potentially escalate into a global conflict, if allowed to go ahead.

UPDATE: The first military missile strikes have now been launched against an alleged IS base in Syria.

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