A US man has taken action against the police after being strip searched and cavity searched on the streets in front of his next door neighbours.

The man who has chosen to be known only by his last name, was subjected to the humiliating ordeal in front of his neighbours in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

The incident was caught on tape by Raymond Durant, a neighbour of Samuels.

When a search of Samuels car for drugs turned up nothing, that’s when officers allegedly conducted a cavity search; using flashlights to obstruct Durant’s camera.

Witnesses say narcotics detectives dragged Samuels from his car at gunpoint, then placed handcuffs on his wrists and ankles.

The case was first reported by an online news service.

Durant, said in an interview with the newspaper: “They violated his civil right now. You don’t dig in a man’s rectum. You don’t sodomize a man on the street in front of all his neighbors and friends.”

Samuels girlfriend, Whitney Sylve said that officers were heard making sexual remarks about her boyfriend, before attacking him.

She added; “He was standing up with the officers surrounding him, laughing making comments about how nice his butt was and soft it was. I heard him hollering and screaming. That’s something I have never ever heard him do before. They just think because they have that badge they can do whatever they please.”

Samuels could be heard yelling out in pain throughout the ordeal. The family has filed a complaint with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P) who are investigating. The case is also being investigated by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs division.

It has been reported that the family also plan to take action against the officers responsible.

The available video footage of the incident can be seen here.

Sadly, cases like these are far from isolated in the United States. It was recently reported by the Haddad and Sherwin solicitors office that they have represented over 44 African-American men in Oakland after it emerged that the Oakland Police Department had a practice which eventually became a written policy, allowing officers to strip search people on the street in broad daylight.

This confirms what many across America had already feared – that is that the disturbing cases of unconstitutional public strip and cavity searches carried against the public were not just the actions of rogue officers but a systematic policy of malpractice being encouraged and sanctioned from the police at a departmental level.

Haddad & Sherwin teamed up with John Burris to represent dozens of African American men  who were subjected to this offensive and illegal police misconduct. Some of these cases lasted almost ten years. The lawsuits resulted in the abolition of Oakland’s unconstitutional strip search policies.

Two of the men concerned won a trial with punitive damages, while the others won a combined $5,850,000, and a sweeping agreement that includes a new lawful Oakland Police Department strip search policy and re-training, with court oversight and enforcement.

Many of the men involved in the case where made to take their pants and underwear off in front of gathering crowds and in some cases forced to strip completely naked.

This is part of a growing trend in the US where it seems, some police departments are bypassing the constitution and conducting illegal and humiliating searches on both men and women in public.

Recently the Akashic Times reported on how two women were forced to submit to public cavity searches in Texas, while another two women  in Florida were made, for no reason at all, to take off all their clothes in front of passing traffic and forced to undergo a humiliating cavity search.

Due to the sheer gravity of the situation and the fact that many police departments appear to be flagrantly ignoring the law, we have reproduced a video below to help advise readers on what they should do if they are stopped by the police.

We would also advise people in the US to familiarise themselves with the constitution and to film any encounters with the police, using a camera that automatically uploads footage onto the cloud. Ensure that the officer concerned knows that the footage will upload automatically onto the internet and always remain assertive – but at the same time calm and polite. This will also help you in cases where it goes to court later on.

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