Malcolm Shabazz

Malcolm Shabazz

The grandson of the civil rights activist Malcolm X has been found dead after being brutally murdered in Mexico it has been reported.

Two men have been arrested by Mexican authorities suspected of the murder of 28 year-old Malcolm Shabazz, after it was reported in the media that he died following a brawl in a Mexican nightclub over a bill.

Prosecutors said police were seeking at least two other people believed to have participated in the attack on Shabazz. Shabazz died last Thursday of blunt-force trauma injuries.

He had been travelling to Mexico to meet with a leader of a Californian activist and rights group known as Rumec, according to a report in Talking Points Memo, which quoted Juan Ruiz, a member of the organisation.

Suarez, who had been travelling with Shabazz was deported to his native country, Mexico from the US and told the Associated Press that Shabazz had traveled to Mexico to support him and his movement.

Suarez claimed that the pair had been out dancing with girls and drinking, when they were set upon by the owner of the bar who wanted them to pay a $1,200 bar tab for music, drinks and the women’s companionship.

An argument ensued, and it was then claimed that Shabazz was taken to a separate room where a violent commotion could be heard. Suarez then claimed he escaped and came back to find Shabazz dead shortly after, when he returned to the club in a cab.

A leading figure of Islam in the US called Al-Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid said that the family were still struggling to come to terms with the loss and that the details surrounding Shabazz’s death remained sketchy.

He told reporters: “Everyone wants those responsible apprehended and brought to justice. And the worst thing is that the family doesn’t know what happened—leaving an information vacuum in the community.”

However, a number of interesting questions has emerged from this case. The first is why as a native of Mexico, had Suarez not known the dangerous hotspots that tourists should avoid?

Questions also emerge over the fact that Shabazz was taken to a separate room while Suarez apparently remained unharmed and was able to escape despite the fact that their attackers were brandishing a gun.

Suarez had later returned to the venue in a cab – but without the cops, which gives rise to further questions.

Despite having a difficult childhood and being in and out of trouble with the law as a young man, Shabazz appeared to have put all of that trouble behind him and was a regular guest at educational centres across the US. During his lifetime, he was committed to educating children of immigrants from the Middle East and south Asia about his grandfather, Malcolm X and the civil rights movement.

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