Secret courts have carried out raids on the homes of British people all over the UK whilst seizing family assets it has been revealed.

The Court of Protection is currently in control of £2 billion worth of assets belonging to thousands of elderly and vulnerable people in the country.

The interest rate – currently much less than they would receive in an ordinary bank account – means that the value of the financial estates are falling rapidly because the rate of inflation is 2.8 per cent.

According to an investigation conducted by the Mail, court officials have raided homes in search of documents and read private emails, they have also charged excessive fees on the assets held by families in the UK resulting in huge losses for those involved, with little or no returns on the money held.

The assets of those deemed mentally impaired or vulnerable are seized by the Court of Protection when they are deemed too unwell to handle their own financial affairs. This occurs in cases where there is no one to take Power of Attorney over those who are classified as vulnerable.

There has also been complaints that some of the funds that are controlled by the court are being used to offset the national debt through an arm of the Treasury.

The interest rates paid by the court are currently equivalent to the Bank of England’s base rate of 0.5 per cent – which produces a paltry rate for  the elderly and vulnerable to live on.

Lib Dem MP John Hemming slammed the rates. He said: “The money should be well-managed and pay a decent rate of interest or it borders on malpractice. The current rate is risible and losing these 16,000 people, who desperately need a proper income, tens of millions of pounds a year in total.”

The Court of Protection was previously in the headlines last week after it emerged that they secretly jailed Wanda Maddocks, 50, for six weeks out of a five month prison term for removing her father from a care home against the instructions of the court. Her brother was also sentenced. They were told that the assets of their family would be seized by the court if they spoke out about their case.

Their father was later returned to the care home, against the wishes of his family and died shortly after. The care home in question denied any responsibility for the death.

Last week, the Justice and Security Bill was voted into law by MPs. The Bill has effectively spelled the end to fair trial in Britain by allowing both government authorities and commercial companies to take out criminal and civil proceedings against an individual without notifying them beforehand. It also gives the government the mandate to prevent suspects from gaining access to a lawyer of their choosing, hearing evidence against them, speaking out about their case or discovering the reason for a sentence being passed against them.

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