YouGov study shows that 87% of Brits choose happiness and well-being over materialism

YouGov study shows that 87% of Brits choose happiness and well-being over materialism

In a world where greed and materialism is rapidly threatening to lead to the decline of the planet, a new study has shown that an increasing number of people are rejecting that paradigm.

A survey conducted by YouGov has revealed that the vast majority of Brits (87 per cent) would choose happiness for their society rather than money.

Just eight per cent of people said that money was the most important factor in society.

The survey also revealed that contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of people had high levels of altruism and a concern for others, despite the negative images so often portrayed in the media.

Some 45 per cent of people said that they wanted to see greater levels of equality between the rich and the poor, 39 per cent of people cited improved healthcare services, and 37 per cent wanted to see less crime.

A further 16 per cent said that better public transport and more holistic educational services would make society a better place.

Now these findings are hardly groundbreaking or surprising. But what it does demonstrate is that although the media and television programmes often portray people as uncaring, selfish, greedy people who only care about their own families and celebrity news, this is far from the truth and certainly not the whole story.

It is so easy to feel a sense of apathy and disillusionment with the attitude of other people. But how much of this is down to environmental factors rather than human nature?

Richard Layard, co-founder of Action for Happiness, who commissioned the study said that the results show that the government should place a greater emphasis on aligning policies with the priorities of ordinary people.

The said: “Our national priorities are clearly out of touch with what really matters to people. Our top priority should be people’s overall happiness and well-being. Above all, we should be giving much more attention to mental health, supporting positive family and community relationships and creating a more trusting society.”

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