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Shadow Games: US Covertly Arms Taiwan to The Teeth

Shadow Games: US Covertly Arms Taiwan to The Teeth

  In a subtle yet potentially perilous move, the United States is covertly funneling an $80 million (£63 million) grant into Taiwan for the acquisition of American military equipment. While this may appear as a routine transaction, the implications of Washington using its own funds to arm a region it officially doesn’t acknowledge are profound. China’s vehement opposition, a departure[Read More…]

Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela has branded Bush and Cheney as 'terrorists'

Venezuela bans Bush and Cheney and brands them ‘terrorists’

One country in the world that is not happy with Bush and other American politicians is Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. His announcement came as he has made Visa’s mandatory for all US citizens who want to visit the country. In a press statement, he called Bush and Cheney terrorists as they, “violated human rights and bombed villages as in Iraq,[Read More…]

Jeffrey Sterling was found guilty of illegally disclosing national defense information

CIA whistleblower faces 100 years in jail

A CIA whistleblower faces 100 years behind bars after he uncovered evidence of the agency planting false evidence on nuclear weapons in Iran. Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling is due to appear in court for sentencing on April 24th 2015 for telling a New York Times reporter details concerning a reckless CIA operation that potentially sped up Iran’s nuclear advancement. Although the[Read More…]

Michaela DePrince

Breaking barriers: The inspiring story of a girl who survived the brutality of civil war to become an international ballet star

Michaela DePrince is a young ballerina that as a child witnessed things that no child should have to see. She grew up as an orphan in Sierra Leone and saw her loved ones killed by rebel soldiers who invaded her village and brutally slaughtered every man, woman and child who got in their way. Born Mabinty Bangura in war-ravaged Sierra[Read More…]