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Deputy William Strong was the man who ordered the illegal and sexually intrusive search

Texas woman subjected to cavity search by police officers in car park

A Texas woman claims she was strip-searched and forced to submit to a cavity search at a gas station parking lot in full view of passers by. Charneshia Corley, 21, was pulled over for allegedly rolling through a stop sign near the corner of Ella and Barren Springs in June. What was reported to have happened next is like something[Read More…]

Police conduct public cavity search on two women

Police conduct public cavity search on two women

Two women in Texas are suing the police after they conducted an illegal roadside cavity search after claiming they could smell marijuana. A cavity search is a particularly invasive search where all openings in the body including the anus, vagina and mouth are searched. The person conducting the search is also given position to search around the breasts to decipher[Read More…]