Deputy William Strong was the man who ordered the illegal and sexually intrusive search

Deputy William Strong was the man who ordered the illegal and sexually intrusive search

A Texas woman claims she was strip-searched and forced to submit to a cavity search at a gas station parking lot in full view of passers by.

Charneshia Corley, 21, was pulled over for allegedly rolling through a stop sign near the corner of Ella and Barren Springs in June.

What was reported to have happened next is like something out of a dystopian nightmare.

The two deputies claimed they could smell marijuana on Corley. They asked her to roll down her window and get out of the car which she did.

She even consented to a search of her vehicle. Her lawyer Sam Cammack said that the deputy then told Corley, “let me put you in my office,” and escorted her to the back of his cruiser, where she’d wait while he and his partner rummaged through her car.

Nothing was found during the search. Corley claims the deputies then called another female deputy out to the scene for a body cavity search. Cammack says Corley told the deputies she wasn’t wearing underwear when they ordered her to pull down her pants. By this time, Cammack says, Corley had been handcuffed. A deputy then removed all of her clothes in full view of the public.

Corley maintains that she understandably hesitated once deputy Ronaldine Pierre was reported to have forced Corley to the ground on her stomach, forced her to remove her pants, sat on her back while her and another female officer, R. Rojas reportedly spread one of her legs while both conducted an intrusive body cavity search.

Deputy Ronaldine Pierre one of the officers who conducted the disgusting search

Deputy Ronaldine Pierre one of the officers who conducted the disgusting search

Deputy William Strong is said to have conducted the stop and ordered the search.

All of this happened in the parking lot. Cammack says he’s already found witnesses who say deputies forced Corley to the ground, spread her legs and probed her genitals in plain view.

The 21 year old girl was then slammed to the ground face down while one officer climbed on top of her.

The deputy grabbed her pants, pulled her pants down all the way past her ankles, while officers held her legs. Then one of them stuck her finger inside her vagina.

Authorities claim they found .02 ounces of marijuana, and have charged Corley with class B misdemeanor possession.

Deputies at first tried to claim that Corley consented to the public cavity search – although if this is true, it is unclear why she was then charged with resisting arrest.

In an interview with HuffPost, Corley said she felt like she had been raped.

She said: “They sexually assaulted, raped me and molested me.”

Her lawyer, Mr Cammack said that the sheriff’s spokesman Thomas Gilleland  “completely lied” about the consent.

“In the offense report, they put she tried not to let them do it,” Cammack said. “That’s why they filed the resisting charge. There’s nothing in the offense report to suggest she consented.”

Corley said she received “bruises, cuts and scrapes” from deputies forcing her to the ground. The emotional trauma, she said, was worse.

“I’m traumatized,” she said. “It was humiliating. I feel like the law is supposed to protect you and not do this. I just don’t feel safe anymore. My self-esteem has literally dropped and I can’t even step out and be seen because I feel so embarrassed.”

Cammack said such searches are completely illegal and unconstitutional.

He added: “You can’t even do that type of search in a police station. A manual cavity search under our Constitution is considered the most intrusive and our court of criminal appeals in Texas has said that type of search should be done in a hospital — a sterile environment.”

Corley and her attorney have filed a complaint with the with the sheriff’s Internal Affairs Division. They said they are considering a lawsuit.

“Anyone else accused of such an act would be considered an alleged sexual predator. Law enforcement officers should be no different,” says Durrel Douglas, former correctional officer and co-founder of Houston Justice Coalition. “What we’re seeking here is Justice. This case sounds like police brutality at its absolute worst. These officers may be a danger to public safety and should not be patrolling our streets at this time.”

Charges have since been dropped against Corley but the officers that conducted the intrusive, violating search are still on duty, and free to do it to others.

These type of illegal, public roadside cavity searches are unfortunately becoming commonplace in the US.

Earlier this year, Jennifer Stelly filed a federal lawsuit against the Texas Department of Public Safety after a trooper gave her a cavity search along a busy stretch of highway.

She said motorists had slowed down to get a glimpse of her being publicly humiliated.

One of the officers involved had already been implicated in two other high profile road cavity searches in the area.

In Florida, a woman and her 15 year old daughter were subjected to the same treatment by over zealous cops. They later won a $2 million lawsuit.

A Baltimore man filed a lawsuit against the city last year, claiming that police stopped him on his bike in a busy shopping center and proceeded to pull his pants down around his ankles and conduct a full cavity search before a crowd of onlookers

Last year, police in New Mexico conducted an anal cavity search on David Eckhart on a busy roadside. When the search turned up nothing, they then took him to a hospital where doctors probed him numerous times and administered several enemas, even after x-rays showed no signs of drugs hidden in his body. His attorney, Shannon Kennedy that he was then sent a $6,000 bill for the unwanted cavity search.

He later got compensated a $1.6 million, but the officers who did it are still on duty.

“I feel that I got some justice as I think the settlement shows they were wrong to do what they did to me,” he later told reporters, “I truly hope that no one will be treated like this ever again. I felt very helpless and alone on that night. My family and I hope that people understand that I don’t want my face linked with jokes related to anal probing. For this reason, I asked my attorneys to issue this statement in the hopes that the media will respect my privacy.”

He later described how he felt “helpless and alone” the night it happened, but has since seen other online comments from people treated the same way by the police.

Unfortunately, his case and that of Corley’s is far from isolated and has been documented on an alarmingly regular basis all over the US.

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