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MPs have called for an inquiry after 21 South Asian women were fed radioactive chapatis

Trust the Science? The Untold Story of Asian Women Fed Radioactive Chapatis

Trust in medical professionals shattered as revelations of a harrowing experiment have emerged from the past.  Scientists are on a quest to locate a group of 21 South Asian women who unwittingly became part of a life-altering event in the 1960s. This deeply unsettling story centres around a study from 1969 where 21 women of Indian origin residing in Coventry[Read More…]

Govt proposes to force mentally ill to take medication

Govt proposes to force mentally ill to take medication

The mentally ill could be forced to take new treatment and medication, thanks to a new law that was passed recently. Under new government proposals, those with what is deemed to be “treatable” mental illnesses will have their disability living allowance taken away from them if they do not – or cannot – take any prescribed treatments that the government[Read More…]