The mentally ill could be forced to take new treatment and medication, thanks to a new law that was passed recently.

Under new government proposals, those with what is deemed to be “treatable” mental illnesses will have their disability living allowance taken away from them if they do not – or cannot – take any prescribed treatments that the government deems necessary.

So for example, those with depression could be forced to take anti-depressants to continue getting help, and so on.

It is part and parcel of the Tory’s “get back to work” policy, which focuses entirely on changing the attitude or behaviour of the potential employee, and changing nothing about employment practices.

Of course, the policy does little to change workplace discrimination against those with mental illnesses, or help to ensure that workplaces suitably accommodate people with depression.

Ironically, in many parts of the country, NHS mental health support and treatment is under-resourced, and many of those with different types of mental illnesses quite often find themselves waiting months for treatment.

The policy is designed to save money. However, years ago, the Mental Health Foundation published a report which revealed that costs associated with mental health are overwhelmingly connected to lack of early support and poor preventative measures.

This means that the costs start racking up when people reach their crisis point in a way which could have been mitigated or even avoided, had they been supported earlier on.

The idea has even come as a shock even to some Tory politicians. Conservative MP and former GP Sarah Wollaston has tweeted that the idea is a “no brainer” and is “doomed to fail.” By no brainer, she meant: “this unethical unworkable kite flying comes from someone with #NoBrain.”

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