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Taj Patterson

Hasidic Jewish men avoid jail after brutal beating of black man

Two Hasidic Jewish men who admitted to brutally beating up and blinding a gay, black man in New York City have been spared jail. Instead they were sentenced to 150 hours community sentence and only had to pay $1,400 to the victim in compensation. Fashion student Taj Patterson has been left permanently blind in his right eye after being set[Read More…]

Zimmerman’s lawyers wants to ban the word ‘racist’

Zimmerman’s lawyers wants to ban the word ‘racist’

Lawyers acting on behalf of George Zimmerman who infamously killed Trayvon Martin in an unprovoked attack, have filed a motion to ban words like ‘racist’ and ‘Vigilante’ from the courtroom. Zimmerman is currently on trial for the murder of Martin, after he followed him home based upon the premise that he looked “suspicious”. Martin is African-American and had been on[Read More…]