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Lawyers acting on behalf of George Zimmerman who infamously killed Trayvon Martin in an unprovoked attack, have filed a motion to ban words like ‘racist’ and ‘Vigilante’ from the courtroom.

Zimmerman is currently on trial for the murder of Martin, after he followed him home based upon the premise that he looked “suspicious”.

Martin is African-American and had been on his way home after buying a bag of skittles and soda when he was approached by Zimmerman who has been described as a “wannabe cop”. A confrontation then ensued which ended with the death of Martin.

Zimmerman and his supporters claim that Martin had attacked him when approached.

He had initially called the police after pursuing Martin and then proceeded to chase Martin through the streets – despite being advised against it by the police.

The case has highlighted the racial divisions in the US with news commentators distributing fake pictures of Martin holding a gun in order to ‘make a point’, whereas others have insisted on the right of Trayvon Martin to defend himself against an unprovoked attack.

Zimmerman’s actions caused outrage among some quarters, with many accusing him of racially profiling Martin. Others claimed that because Martin had allegedly smoked cannabis in the past, this justified Zimmerman’s actions.

Now, at his trial, his lawyers are trying to get the following terms banned from the trial:

  • “Racial profiled” (or any variation)

  • “Vigilante”

  • “Self-appointed neighborhood watch captain”

  • “Wannabe cop”

  • “He got out of the car after the police(or dispatcher) told him not to”

  • “He confronted Trayvon Martin”

They argue that such terms could potentially prejudice the jurors and paint Zimmerman in a bad light. This is despite previously arguing that Martin was ‘paranoid’ and ‘aggressive’ due to the fact that like many teenagers in the country, he had experimented with marijuana.

Recently, in the same state, mother of two Marissa Alexander, was jailed for 20 years for firing warning shots at her violent husband who had attacked her that day. Nobody was injured from the shots, but Alexander, who unsuccessfully tried to invoke the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law – which Zimmerman is now trying to use – was given the maximum jail sentence.

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