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Spikes have appeared outside of luxury flats

Authorities across the world wage war on homeless people

A number of anti-homeless spikes have reared their ugly heads across the country in a further attempt to demonise the most vulnerable people in society. Rather than waging a war against homelessness, both businesses and politicians have teamed up to wage war on homeless people instead. Earlier this week, Tesco sought to distance itself from criticism after what appeared to[Read More…]

Sitting down illegal in Denver

Sitting down illegal in Denver

Denver have waged a new war against the homeless by making it illegal to sit on the pavements, or in alleyways, or anywhere in public. In a video that has just surfaced recently, a police officer is seen ticketing a man for the grand crime of sitting down without permission from the government. A police officer approaches the man that[Read More…]

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho pictured with Shalla Monteiro, who helped him to transform his life

‘Damned is the man who abandons himself’. A story of hope

The conditioned is in many ways a timeless story. It is a story about how love, but most of all hope, can help to overcome the most dire of conditions. Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho is a poet and a philosopher, but until very recently, very few people knew who he was and most people simply looked the other way. You see,[Read More…]

Elites want to ban poor people from sleeping in their own cars

Elites want to ban poor people from sleeping in their own cars

Lawmakers in the US have declared another war on poor people after laws were introduced to ban people from sleeping in their cars or other vehicles. Families or individuals which are living on the breadline and have no money left for shelter often sleep in their cars as a very last resort when nothing else is available. For many, it[Read More…]

Peter Cassidy has turned his life around.

Picture: CBC News

Inspirational man helps homeless to turn their lives around

A former homeless man has turned his life around and devoted his life to helping people who were once in his position. Peter Cassidy was once an addict who found himself on the wrong side of the law after being charged with murder after a drug-fuelled night he couldn’t remember. Although the charges were eventually thrown out, the incident was[Read More…]