Denver have waged a new war against the homeless by making it illegal to sit on the pavements, or in alleyways, or anywhere in public.

In a video that has just surfaced recently, a police officer is seen ticketing a man for the grand crime of sitting down without permission from the government.

A police officer approaches the man that was sitting down and says: “Remember last week? We talked about you sitting down, you said you’d never been warned…you can’t sit in the alleys, you can’t sit in the streets, you can’t sit on the sidewalks in Denver.”

The officer then goes on to explain that the law was introduced because business people and those going to expensive shops in the city do not want to see homeless people there.

In other words, as the man in the video correctly points out: those that have homes, do not want to see those that do not”.

Of course, anyone in Denver who is not homeless and for whatever reason, decides to sit on the pavements, or in a public square with their friends, will also receive a ticket.

And is it a coincidence that these laws have been put in place where some of the most rich and powerful people in the world have invested?

Who has really been lobbying for these laws? Will we one day see similar laws enacted against anyone who is not rich, in which police officers will approach those whose face does not fit, or who is not wearing a £500-dollar suit, and say: “You are not allowed to walk here?”.

Is it really that big a stretch of the imagination?

In San Diego, some homeless people have received citations for sleeping on the streets, while in other states it is illegal to feed homeless people.

At the Akashic Times we have covered many stories about the wave of new laws that have directly targeted homeless people.

Only recently in the UK, squatters in London were arrested for taking food out of supermarket food bins. Let us be clear: these are bins in which supermarkets dump food that they cannot sell and is out of date. The contents of those bins then go out to landfill.

However, anyone that tries to take that food instead is likely to be arrested by police. We also covered a story in Ilford where cops were seen snatching goods from the homeless, including sleeping bags and food that were donated by kind-hearted members of the public.

And if homeless people are merely being ‘moved on’ instead of being helped into a better life, then of course, it does nothing to resolve the problem – it merely shifts it.

If the authorities were really serious about combatting homeless people they would, well, tackle the causes of homelessness, and not the symptoms.

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