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Stuart with his mum

Disabled man who can’t speak, eat or wash himself asked for proof he is fit for work

A severely disabled man who is unable to speak or read has been ordered by authorities to prove he is unfit to work. Stuart Chester, 25, suffers from Down’s syndrome, epilepsy and autism and is unable to wash or feed himself and lives with his mum and full time carer Deborah McKenzie, 51, in Glasgow. He currently receives Disability Living[Read More…]

The DWP under the leadership of Iain Duncan Smith will share the private details of benefits claimants with anyone who wants to gain access to the records

Govt outline plans to share health records of benefit claimants

The government has outlined plans to sell the details of every single man and woman on welfare, it has been revealed. This information would include health records and IT literacy and debts. Under the plans, landlords, charities, the government and third party organisations would receive access to those records. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said that those who[Read More…]

George Osborne is considering proposals to introduce a new employment tax

Govt considering introduction of ‘unemployment tax’

Workers could be forced to pay an extra tax in order to be eligible for unemployment support if they lose their job, under new suggestions introduced recently. Chancellor George Osborne is currently considering plans to make workers pay at least £5 a week into a personal “welfare account” to get higher benefits if they lose their job. By higher benefits[Read More…]