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Fannie Sebolela

Ex gardener turns impoverished school into one of South Africa’s best

The power of the human spirit has never failed to amaze. It is incredibly inspirational to hear about individuals who have singlehandedly helped to change their communities for the better. And why is this important? It is important because not only does it encourage others to do the same in a world where all we hear about is doom and[Read More…]

Inspirational mum awarded for her work with parents of disabled children

Inspirational mum awarded for her work with parents of disabled children

An inspirational mum has received a national accolade for her commitments in helping parents and carers of children with special needs disabilities. Emily Brailsford, of Matlock was named Derbyshire’s Inspirational Woman of the Year in the voluntary sector after setting up the Parenting Additional Needs in Matlock support group. Ms Brailsford set up the group after her own son was[Read More…]

Intel vows to stop using conflict minerals

Intel vows to stop using conflict minerals

Intel has recently vowed to stop using conflict minerals, it has emerged. The multinational electronics company is responsible for producing computing chips and other technological devices, which often make use of conflict minerals such as coltan in order for them to work properly. However, they have now claimed that they will no longer include precious metals mined in regions controlled[Read More…]

Peter Cassidy has turned his life around.

Picture: CBC News

Inspirational man helps homeless to turn their lives around

A former homeless man has turned his life around and devoted his life to helping people who were once in his position. Peter Cassidy was once an addict who found himself on the wrong side of the law after being charged with murder after a drug-fuelled night he couldn’t remember. Although the charges were eventually thrown out, the incident was[Read More…]

Jonny (left) Neil (right)

Mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin is successfully reunited with stranger who saved his life

Do you remember last week when we reported the story about a suicidal man who had launched a campaign to find a stranger who saved his life? Jonny Benjamin hit the headlines last month after he launched a campaign with the help of the charity Rethink Mental Illness, to find the stranger who intervened when he was about to jump[Read More…]