Emily Brailsford

Emily Brailsford

An inspirational mum has received a national accolade for her commitments in helping parents and carers of children with special needs disabilities.

Emily Brailsford, of Matlock was named Derbyshire’s Inspirational Woman of the Year in the voluntary sector after setting up the Parenting Additional Needs in Matlock support group.

Ms Brailsford set up the group after her own son was diagnosed with ADHD, epilepsy and autism spectrum conditions.

Not only does the group offer support to parents with special needs children, it also encourages them to share ideas and listen to professional speakers, as well as providing them with further information about other resources available to them.

She said that she decided to set up her own group after finding insufficient support for her own family in the local area.

In a statement published on her website parentingadditionalneeds.org.uk, she said: “I set up PAN just over 2 years ago. I was attending a training session and voicing my annoyance that there was no support in Matlock, where I live, for other people in the same situation.

I did such a lot of complaining that the lady running the training basically told me (in the nicest possible way) to ‘shut up moaning and start a group then!’

“I am eternally grateful to her as this group has transformed my life. I have learnt so much from the speakers who have attended our meetings and I have made the most amazing friends. My son has also made friends with people who accept him and his little nuances!”

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