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Tensions are increasing between Russia and the Ukraine

Ukraine fears reprisal from Russia

When the world turns away from Russia and Ukraine, at the stroke of a pen it has been reported that 50,000 Ukrainians have been drafted as Russian warns of the return to a scenario of force. This scaremongering has forced Ukrainians to take drastic steps to secure their future, and to stand up against Russia. According to ZeroHedge, “And with[Read More…]

The oil find in Australia is failing to enrich the public

Blog: Australia’s “black gold” failing to enrich the public

Australia has recently been discovered to have been sitting on its very own reserves of black gold, or in other words: oil. Trillions of pounds worth of the stuff was found last year – 233 billion barrels to be exact – in a find that some predicted could turn the region into a new Saudi Arabia. Australia is currently believed[Read More…]