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Payday lenders often advertise their services to the most vulnerable people in society

Beware of the loan sharks: Charity highlights predatory behaviour of payday lenders

Payday loan sharks have trapped an increasing number of Brits into unmanageable debts and new research has revealed that this problem is increasingly getting worse. In fact, a new report from the charity StepChange showed that the number of people seeking relief from payday lenders has shot up by 82 per cent. Worryingly most of those vulnerable people seeking help[Read More…]

‘British workers face annual pay cut’

‘British workers face annual pay cut’

The government has raided the bank accounts of every single citizen in the UK by dramatically and deliberately reducing their spending power over the last few years, according to one economic analyst. Simon Rose, financial journalist, and spokesman for Save Our Savers has revealed how the gradual increase in inflation has slowly eroded our savings. Although many people have become[Read More…]