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Nicky Wishart

Anti-terror police threaten 12 year old after plans to protest against youth centre closure

A 12 year old boy has become the latest victim of anti-terrorism legislation after he publicised his plans to protest against the closure of a local youth centre. Nicky Wishart who lives in David Cameron’s constituency took to Facebook to organise a peaceful demonstration outside the Prime Minister’s constituency office. As a result, anti-terror police dragged him from his classroom,[Read More…]

Would you trust this woman with your rights?

Turkeys voting for Christmas? Is the public in favour of scrapping human rights?

The ideology of removing the Human Rights Act is based upon the premise that it is used only by crooks and criminals aiming to exploit the system. In fact, that is essentially the idea behind every proposal to scrap something whether it be unemployment support, human rights, or working tax breaks: it works on the premise that somebody else is[Read More…]