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Gareth Williams

Police claim MI6 spy committed suicide then padlocked his own body in a bag

I kid you not. One story that has been making the rounds recently is that of a rather unfortunate fellow called Gareth Williams who had also chosen an equally unfortunate career as an MI6 spy. This career was to spell the death knell to his life. No-one is quite certain of the circumstances surrounding his death, but the reported cover-up[Read More…]

Lamp posts have been fitted with listening devices and cameras in order to monitor conversations in public

High-powered bugs to eavesdrop on street conversations

The government has announced that all street conversations in the UK will now be monitored with listening devices inserted into lamp posts. Think I’m joking? Councils across several major cities in England have announced the insertion of new “intelligent” listening devices  which will allegedly be used to counteract terrorism and crime. The Sigard system has been tested in London, Manchester,[Read More…]

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

Brazil outlines plans to ban NSA

The Brazilian government has unveiled plans to block the controversial US spying agency, the National Security Agency (NSA) it has been revealed. Proposals put forward so far include plans to lay an underwater fiber optic cable directly to Europe so as to avoid routing the country’s internet connections through the US. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced recently that her government[Read More…]

Now even baby monitors not immune from hackers and spies

Now even baby monitors not immune from hackers and spies

Few things can be more joyful than the birth of a newborn baby and many parents across the world make use of baby monitors to keep an eye on the little one when they are in the house. So imagine the shock and horror that  parents of a two year old girl felt when they walked into their daughter’s bedroom[Read More…]

Thousands of protesters gather in Germany against mass surveillance

Thousands of protesters gather in Germany against mass surveillance

Protesters have taken to the streets to campaign against a mass spying program that is currently sweeping across Europe. The surveillance is being carried out in collaboration with US spy agency the NSA, together with other Nato countries. Demonstrations have taken place in several German cities with protesters angry at their country’s participation in the NSA global espionage program. Thousands[Read More…]