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George Osborne is considering proposals to introduce a new employment tax

Govt considering introduction of ‘unemployment tax’

Workers could be forced to pay an extra tax in order to be eligible for unemployment support if they lose their job, under new suggestions introduced recently. Chancellor George Osborne is currently considering plans to make workers pay at least £5 a week into a personal “welfare account” to get higher benefits if they lose their job. By higher benefits[Read More…]

Govt to dock £40 from unemployed

Govt to dock £40 from unemployed

Unemployed people are set to lose £40 under new benefits rules, it has been revealed. From this Autumn, anyone who loses their job will receive £40 less as a result of government plans to make people wait for longer for any job support. The government’s own assessment body revealed that its policy on welfare will leave many impoverished. The Social[Read More…]