In June, the Akashic Times documented the widespread slaying of predominantly black and impoverished Brazilians in the run-up to the World Cup by the country’s police forces.

This was part of an ethnic cleansing campaign by the Brazilian government which ordered authorities to forcibly evict thousands of people from their homes.

Without warning, police moved into the already disadvantaged areas, and gunned down people indiscriminately.

Many of the police responsible for the slayings reported how they had fun doing so. It is estimated that at least 40,000 poor people have been gone missing from the militarized favelas; while kids were killed with impunity in the ghettos which were then occupied by the police.

However, poor children from the ghetto were not the only people who were targeted as part of this genocidal campaign.

Indigenous tribes living in the Amazon were also gunned down by police, when they protested the government’s decision to shrink the reserves that have been preserved for some of the indigenous tribes living in the rainforests, which fall within Brazil’s borders.

Indigenous activists were upset about legislation before congress that threatens to shrink the size of the reserves for their people. They were joined by demonstrators rallying against Brazil’s hosting of the World Cup. Many Brazilians are angered about the billions being spent on the tournament, saying the money should have gone to improving Brazil’s public services.

In response, police fired tear gas and bullets into the crowd of protesters.

Between 4,000 and 8,000 square miles of forest are slashed and burned every 12 months. The Brazilian politicians are allowing beef farms to clear away ancient forest – mainly for the fast food industry. If these Brazilian politicians could be nabbed and jailed, and the beef farms re-seeded, then perhaps some of the forest could be regained. However, there are dozens upon dozens of river dams being constructed, despite the fact that many of the ‘flooded’ areas are full of rare breed animals, plants and of course the people who live there.

Several deaths have gone unreported, while the vast majority of deforestation of the Amazon forest is predominantly happening in Brazil.

Now, a few months on as we approach Christmas, circumstances have barely improved for the Brazilian people, with many tribes being afflicted by Western diseases such as flu, chickenpox, in addition to unidentified illnesses that have primarily come about as the result of intervention by the authorities and the encroachment upon their land.

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