Food packaging has been found to contain toxic chemicals

Food packaging has been found to contain toxic chemicals

There have been recent reports of toxic chemicals found in food packaging that can pose a long-term health risk to all consumers. Unbeknownst to millions, they are putting themselves at risk of a number of diseases ranging from cancer to diabetes.

Scientists told the Daily Express, “A range of chemicals are leaking from containers into food and drink. Although it is in tiny amounts, over a lifetime it can lead to “chronic” exposure. They continued, “Whereas the science for some of these substances is being debated, consumers remain exposed to these chemicals daily, mostly unknowingly.”

Gwynne Lyons, a spokesperson from pressure group CHEM Trust, told reporters, “No doubt many with industry connections would rather not see this research in print. But surely it is time for better testing so that we can eliminate those substances that can derail our hormone systems, which are suggested to play a major role in many diseases?”

She added: “Eating habits have changed dramatically in the last couple of decades. Shelves are full of drinks and readymade meals, which are packed and microwaved in plastics. We need to be sure they are safe.”

Scientists found that plastic bottles contained low levels of formaldehyde, a cancer triggering chemical. They have also looked at wrappers and cans too; all of these have toxic chemicals in them.

However, there is a still the debate in knowing how much of these chemicals are actually being passed onto consumers. There is evidence to suggest that a lot of packaging contains endocrine disrupting chemicals, which, if exposed to babies in the womb, could potentially lead to chronic disease in later life.

It is very disturbing indeed to know that chemicals used in food packaging could be affecting our health in more ways than one. Yet several substances that have already been made known have  been banned from the packaging.

There are some that argue, “It is unlikely that compounds from packaging have significant damaging effects on health, because the doses experienced by people are very, very low.”

Others have hit back and said, “There is strict European legislation in packaging that ensures food safety.”

Therefore, when looking at the effects of food packaging on our health one has to answer the question; does food packaging really pose a risk? If it does, then something should be done about it. Either we need to change the way we eat, or we have to put our trust as we have always done, in the giant food industry organisations that have a hand – and a vested interest – in what we eat.

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