Daniel Kaluuya says he was targeted by violent cops because of his colour

Daniel Kaluuya says he was targeted by violent cops because of his colour

A British man is suing the police after they ordered him off the bus and forced him to take his trousers off in public.

Daniel Kaluuya who appeared in the TV hit series Skins is suing the Metropolitan police after accusing them of picking on him as a suspected drug dealer because of his colour.

Daniel had been sitting on a bus, minding his own business, when police got onto the bus. One of whom is said to have placed a boot on his head as he was pinned to the ground.

Mr Kaluuya, who won an Evening Standard theatre award as outstanding newcomer in 2010 was then later subjected to another humiliating full-body strip search at the police station.

Mr Kaluuya asked whether he had been singled out because he was black.
In the papers he says a male and a female officer were ‘aggressive from the outset’ and ‘intimidating’.

The two officers backed him against a shop window before pinning him to the floor and restraining him, helped by up to five colleagues.

He had his hands and legs cuffed and his trousers pulled down.

Mr Kaluuya alleges he was kneed in the back, neck and head, kicked in the legs and stomach and had his head and shoulder stamped on.

When he refused to reveal his name after the violence of the police officers more force was applied via the boot on his head.

He was ordered to walk to the police van but fell over twice because his trousers were round his knees.

Mr Kaluuya adds officers failed to read him his rights and refused to inform his mother he had been taken to the police station.

It was the first time he had been held in custody.

He spent four hours in a cell and was subjected to a strip search, during which nothing was found.

His fingerprints, DNA and photograph were taken.

As a result, he is suing Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, on behalf of the force, for ‘loss of liberty, personal injury, damage and humiliation.’
He says he went to his GP several days after the incident and was told he had internal bruising to his ribs, chest and back.

The police claimed that they targeted him because he bore resemblance to someone acting ‘suspiciously’ in the area.

They later tried to charge him for ‘obstructing a police officer’. The claim was later thrown out by the High court due to lack of evidence.

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