Children are not safe in Britain and those who perpetuate abuse against them are regularly evading jail, according to a new report.

Research published by the UN revealed that professional and business status abusers -many with connections to charities abroad – are able to operate with impunity and without fear of arrest.

The report also showed that there is a high level of intimidation that children go through when attempting to report the arrest and they are often interviewed inappropriately by police. Furthermore, the onus is on children to prove the crimes, rather than police taking the time to investigate the claims.

Indeed, in some cases, child victims of abuse and trafficking are being convicted as ‘criminals’ for prostitution when reporting abuse.

In direct contravention of protocol, children reporting crimes have no independent, legal guardian present during police interviews, while child victims of abuse who are trafficked from abroad are often placed in unsuitable bed and breakfast accommodation.

The UN report also revealed that London is the global capital of child sex tourism and the illegal sale of children’s organs is another major problem.

The UN CP Committee Report based its findings on in-depth studies by multiple experts and professionals.

Care homes and charities that are entrusted with safeguarding children are among those organisations that have been implicated in child abuse.

Meanwhile, adoption targets set by the government have resulted in a situation where many families have had their children taken by social services with very little evidence as to why this was necessary.

Mum Charlotte Tricker lost her son in 2014 after being accused of inflicting injuries on her son.

A police investigation found the family to be innocent, but this was still not enough for the family to get their son back.

Speaking to reporters at the time, Ms Tricker said: “They decided to take him from us the moment we set foot in the hospital. They didn’t want me to be a good mum: they wanted adoption. Lovely children are in demand for adoption. He’s been so loved, he’ll be easy to love. If he’d really been abused, he’d be difficult, and who wants ‘damaged goods?”

Cases like the above serve to shed light on the corruption of social services, and the family court system – the same institutions that fail to protect children from the worst type of abuse.

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