Southampton residents have been plagued by a mystery, unexplained noise, it has been reported.

The low-frequency drone is causing sleepless nights in Hythe, Holbury and Dibden Purlieu. The noise has been forcing some residents out of their homes, while another resident is said to be considering early retirement after being badly affected by the stress of living with the noise.

Residents have reported the low humming sound, and the local parish council have so far, been unable to trace the source of the noise.

Many residents have reported mood swings as a result of the noise.

Gordon Windebank, 82, of Broadlands Road, Swaythling, said in an interview published by the Daily Echo: “The noise is terrible at night. I’ve got double glazing but it just seems to go right through. It’s making me very bad tempered and I don’t seem to have any energy.”
Councillor Roger Guy who has a background in engineering was also at loss to explain the noise.

He told the paper: “It’s a low frequency droning noise that becomes quite obtrusive at night. It tends to be worse inside buildings and is very disturbing to anyone with hearing attuned to low frequency sounds, particularly young people.”

The council has since teamed up with the Environment Agency to investigate the noise.

But Southampton is not the only UK town to experience this noise. Earlier this year in May, the Western Telegraph reported that similar sounds were disturbing residents in the small village of Herbrandston.

Residents complained that the noise made sleep almost unbearable. The noise has been continuous over the last few years and described as a constant humming, a low drone, or vibration, which goes on and off throughout the night.

The Environment Agency launched an investigation, but were unable to determine the source of the noise.

Reports of these strange sounds have in fact been reported all over the world, and while some can be explained away by oil refineries, wind turbines, engineering works or other causes, many, as in the case of Southampton, have remained a mystery.

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