GMO food

Health campaigners in the US have won a major hurdle after the California Senate Health Committee voted in favour of a new law which would require all genetically modified foods to be labelled.

Senate Bill 1381 would force all food manufacturers to state whether their groceries are from genetically modified (GM) seeds.

The votes in favour of the bill represents a major victory for campaigners after Prop 37 was defeated in 2012.

Prop 37 would have required the labeling of genetically engineered food, with some exceptions.

It would also have meant that GM foods could not be labelled with the word ‘natural’.

However, powerful corporations such as Monsanto were successful in arguing against the bill.

The Senate Health Committee voted 5 – 2, in favour of the bill, with two absent. It will now move on to either the Senate Judiciary or Agriculture Committee, to be determined by the Rules Committee next week.

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