Lawsuits have been filed against a number of banks in the US, by one very brave individual.

Al Forsberg, 70, is a private investigator who has been fighting corrupt institutions, banks and oil companies a long time. In fact, we covered his story last August, when he was just launching some of these court cases against JP Morgan, Harmon Law, Lexon Insurance, as well as a number of financial institutions and law firms.

 His ordeal started when he decided to invest in oil wells in Texas to fund his retirement. At the time he worked as a substitute teacher in Westchester, New York.

After channelling thousands of pounds into the oil wells, he then discovered that the companies behind the scheme were fraudulent and corrupt to the core.

What’s more, they were also connected with some of the biggest banking cartels in America.

These bankers had very powerful connections to law firms, insurance companies and the courts.

This caused him to go bankrupt and eventually one of his properties was foreclosed, as a result. Clawing back the money he lost and dealing with the banks and the courts turned out to be a painstaking process.

 It is a process that shows little sign of ending yet. Mr Forsberg has now launched a separate case against Sun Trust Bank and Harmon Law, P.C. According to Mr Forsberg, the Land court is complicit in helping Sun Trust and Harmon Law and he says they have made it very difficult by delaying procedures.

He also has forthcoming meetings with the FBI in order to discuss the case. Bringing such monumental lawsuits against banking giants and the judicial system itself may seem a little bit like clashing with the titans.

 Many will undoubtedly claim that an ordinary, everyday person, such as Mr. Forsberg cannot possibly win against extremely wealthy and what is deemed by some to be corrupt organizations.

 But in actual fact, he already has won a few small victories.

 Thanks to some of the motions he filed, several people who worked at JP Morgan and Chase who were involved with scamming oil investors, were convicted.

 Some were sentenced up to 30 years in prison.

 All of this goes to show that it is possible to stand up to corporate corruption. But there is still a long way to go.

 Harmon Law for example, is accused of falsifying the true name of the bank they represented in order to enable them to foreclose illegally and confuse homeowners.

 Mr. Forsberg said: “I believe it is time for a special prosecutor to be appointed and investigate Sun Trust Bank, Harmon Law, and the Massachusetts Land Court for combined judicial misconduct and intentional influencing of cases for their own mutual benefit. They are doing to America what the Nazis did to our grandfather’s generation.”

 “They are tantamount to being enemies of the state. But it gets even worse, because as I began filing complaints and appealing rulings, I found out that the system was set up to force any litigant to fail.

“What is called ‘Stare Decisis’ should apply to my case in Superior Court, since I have filed in the same courts with the same allegations. Stare Decisis simply means law of the land and can be used as a defense, since it is precedent. In other words that law has already been established as binding.”

 But Mr Forsberg is not the only individual who has taken up the fight against Harmon law.

 Last year, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, was given the green light by the Superior Court to investigate the law firm after widespread reports of illegal foreclosures. Her win was upheld in appeal.

Coakley was also investigating whether Harmon Law disregarded a court order requiring it to notify the state before initiating foreclosures on homeowners with mortgages that originated with Fremont Investment & Loan, a California firm Coakley sued for predatory lending practices.

 Predatory lending is when a bank or institution imposes unfair and abusive loan terms on borrowers, or systematically violates those terms in ways that make it difficult for the borrower to defend against.

 The Harmon firm has a long history of being accused by consumer groups and foreclosure law specialists of violating homeowners’ rights so it could boost their profits.

 In 2010, Harmon Law sought a  court protection order to stop or modify the attorney general’s efforts to seek certain legal documents.

 The Harmon firm was named in December 2008 in a class action lawsuit against a handful of financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank, for foreclosing on hundreds of properties where it was unclear whether the banks actually held the title. In fact Mark Harmon was part of the Florida foreclosure scandal which illegally displaced 250,000 people. The attorney general, Pam Bondi, found out too late to rectify the situation in Florida. Now residents are saying that Harmon has brought the same practices to New England.

If nothing else, this suggests they are a little too trigger-happy when it comes to seizing properties.

 JP Morgan are accused of facilitating oil scammers and terrorists by allowing them to channel money through their banks. Mr. Forsberg claims that JP Morgan allowed investors to open up non-segregated accounts and that lead to sending money to terrorist organizations. He also said that Lexon Insurance in Texas, had been issuing fake performance bonds to people like Bruce Griffith of Always Consulting. This resulted in a 30 year prison sentence for Mr Griffith.

 Mr. Forsberg accuses Harmon Law of perjury and obstruction of justice in his lawsuit filed in Barnstable Superior Court in Massachusetts.

The Land Court has been accused of misquoting and misusing the law, while the Appeals  Court has been accused of failing to send a “notice of entry of appeal” in time so that the appeal could be heard.

 Mr. Forsberg accuses the Appeals Court of misusing the “meritorious defense” and “excusable neglect” phrases as an excuse to deny any motion made to get the appeal heard.  A meritorious defense is one that, if believed by the facts, would defeat the plaintiff’s claim.

 All of these allegations have been made as part of Mr. Forsberg’s lawsuit against the Sun Trust Bank Harmon Law Firm and the Land Court, who Mr Forsberg believes was complicit in the dealings of the banks.  There is also a pending suit against Indy Mac bank who have been accused of declaring Mr. Forsberg in their own bankruptcy and trying to collect twice.

 And he is not the only one. A number of other US residents have spoken out against illegal foreclosures of their properties, including Massachusetts homeowner Mohan A. Harihar who submitted a very public complaint against Clerk Magistrate Susan Trippi of the Northeast Housing Court for failing to assemble a record for appeal.

 But unlike many people faced with this kind of draconian action taken by banks and law firms in the country, Mr. Forsberg isn’t willing to take this lying down.

 Not only are his court cases ongoing, but he has already filed a case in Barnstable superior Court.

 He said: “It used to be (when I was young) – at least so I thought – that the federal government were the good guys. This no longer seems to be the case. What concerns me personally is the apparent “globalist takeover” by both the banking and court systems of America, indeed of the world. They are working together to steal everything we have and do not care if it just so happens to be unconstitutional.

 “I have presented in court filings – things that are totally illegal and a variety of judges say: ‘Oh, so what.’ What damn arrogance. I would expect this from the Nazis or the Mafia. I do not expect this from my own government – nor will I allow it to continue without exposing them for what they are.”

 He added that wrongful death suits are being prepared against various law firms, judges and banks so that if anything should happen to him, the lawsuits will continue.

Forsberg has documented all of this on his website


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