The violence in Ukraine is continuing to grow worse, while the West turns a blind eye. Or rather, encourages the conflict.

It is a volatile situation which could very rapidly erupt into a full scale war. In fact, in many ways it has already, with bloodshed and atrocities being committed in the region on both sides. When it comes to war and conflict, there are no winners.

But yet the Western media continues its blackout on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reported attempts to create peace.

In a press statement reported on May 7th, Putin wrote: “Let me repeat again, that in Russia’s view, the blame for the crisis in Ukraine lies with those who organized the coup d’etat in Kiev on February 22-23…

“But whatever the case, we must look for a way to solve the situation as it is today….And, as I said, what is needed is direct, full-fledged and equal dialogue between the Kiev authorities and the representatives of people in southeast Ukraine….I don’t know whether a Geneva-2 round of talks.. is realistic. (But) I believe that if we want to find a long-term solution to the crisis, there must be an open, honest and equal dialogue . That is our only option.”

But his proposal has fallen on deaf ears – because the mainstream media did not not publish what he had to say.

Lately, he has been portrayed as a megalomaniacal monster who will stop at nothing to create war and conflict.

There is probably some truth in that. But the problem is of course, that would make him no different from all of the other Western political leaders.

At least if his proposals were publicly acknowledged, it would make it harder for our global leaders to create further violence over the Ukraine conflict.

One has to wonder if that is the intention, given the complete blackout of what he said.

In a press statement, given in Moscow, Putin said: “We think the most important thing now is to launch direct dialogue, genuine, full-fledged dialogue between the Kiev authorities and representatives of southeast Ukraine. This dialogue could give people from southeast Ukraine the chance to see that their lawful rights in Ukraine really will be guaranteed.”

He also called for a called for a “genuine…dialogue between the Kiev… and representatives of southeast Ukraine”?

In addition, he made a number of concessions during his speech. These include proposals to move his troops away from the Ukrainian border and withdraw his army even though this may weaken Russia’s defenses in the process.

He also asked representatives of the southeastern regions of Ukraine to postpone the referendum scheduled for May 11.

One has to wonder why it is that when the opportunity for peace and an end to bloodbaths and war presents itself, Nobel Peace Prize winners like Obama, and the rest of the Western empire simply choose to ignore it.

Whose interests are they serving?

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