Magnesium is great for converting Vitamin D and Calcium into usable form within our bodies

Magnesium is great for converting Vitamin D and Calcium into usable form within our bodies

We hear a lot about the benefits of Vitamin C, and D as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system, but we often don’t hear about the health benefits of magnesium.

Most of us kind of know it is good for us, but are perhaps not told why. One thing that magnesium is really for is it converts vitamin D3 – a common form of vitamin D sold as a supplement – into usable form.

Like many supplements, taking vitamin D3 by itself is very rarely enough to benefit the body – it often needs other vitamins and minerals to help it break down, and magnesium is one of those substances.

In other words, magnesium is required to convert vitamin D3 into its active form so it can carry out its important functions in the body, including calcium absorption .

It is the same with calcium. Many of us are led to believe that calcium alone is sufficient to maintain healthy bones.

But magnesium is essential for helping to convert that into something our body can use. What it does is it works as an enzymatic cofactor to incorporate calcium and other necessary vitamins and minerals into our bones.

It also aids in over 300 other biochemical reactions throughout the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose regulation and energy production.

A report published in the journal Magnesium Research states: “Experimental Mg (magnesium) deficiency in animal models has resulted in impaired bone growth, osteopenia, and increased skeletal fragility. Our findings demonstrate a Mg-deficiency induced uncoupling of bone formation and bone resorption resulting in a loss of bone mass.”

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