BNP racist tweet

The BNP has been accused of launching ‘whites only’ foodbanks in a bid to win election votes.

The party has been practically falling apart at the seams over the last year or so, after their usual tactic of blaming the world’s problems on minorities and immigrants failed to win them enough votes.

So in an attempt to drum up some more support and give the appearance of helping white, British people, activists are going from door-to-door, with mobile food banks in a bid to win support ahead of the local and European elections.

The far-right racist party has even kickstarted an instruction video to teach volunteers how to build trust with voters in deprived areas by offering soup, tea bags and washing powder on their doorstep.

The tactics are similar to those used by the Golden Dawn party in Greece to garner support.

BNP leader Nick Griffin visited Athens in January as part of efforts to set up a Europe-wide coalition of far-right fascists.

Unfortunately, in an age where poor people are forced to live in poverty and then demonised as lazy scroungers, while wealthy politicians submit expenses claims, such tactics are usually effective.

Far-right, racist parties such as the BNP often take advantage of the hardship that many people of all races and backgrounds face, by pitting communities against each other.

The strategy is similar to the ones used by Hitler in the 1930s who set up soup kitchens, for non-Jewish, white Germans only.

In response to the accusations Nick Griffin’s reply was: “The minorities have got their own taxpayer funded charities”.

What taxpayer funded charities they are, is anyone’s guess.

This latest ruse is just another attempt by the BNP to boost support. In a very recent interview, the party claimed to have singlehandedly stopped the Syrian war. I kid you not.

Simon Darby, spokesman for the BNP made the claim on the BBC’s Sunday Politics show. When asked why the BNP would not give an interview over his tweets about the Rochdale grooming case, Mr Darby replied; “Mr Griffin was in Syria. Nick was in Syria preventing a war, literally. He flew out to Damascus and prevented a war. He was instrumental in putting that letter across to the UK Parliament before that vote when we decided we wouldn’t quite rightly interfere in Syria.”

Mr Darby, a BNP representative also claimed that Nick Griffin was persecuted for his part in revealing the ‘Muslim child grooming scandal’ in Rochdale, in which Muslim men were prosecuted for grooming young, British girls. However he refused to answer questions over why, the BNP leader refused all interviews on the subject.

Mr Griffin came under fire last year after he posted a tweet apparently revealing the judgments of a jury in the trial of a Rochdale child sex ring before they had been heard in court.

The tweet almost caused the case to collapse, which would have resulted in the offenders evading justice.

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