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These plans to invade Syria are hardly a new thing. The US economy and therefore the true power base of the US is beginning to fade. The UK power base is also declining, as it is somewhat dependant on the US economy.

Together these two countries see a declining window of opportunity for them to solidify their hold on the Middle East before Russia and China with their ever-growing economic and military influence are able to move in.

In the case of Syria, the expansion plans of the US and UK were being facilitated by sponsored insurgencies. Until a couple of months ago they were progressively taking over the country when the Syrian Government was able to strengthen its position and reverse the trend.

Seeing their master plan on the Middle East suddenly beginning to unravel, the US and UK have panicked and are now frantically clutching at aggressive and ill thought-out military straws. Russia is closing the door on them and the US and UK are acting out of desperation. If Syria survives, it will link with Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan and supply oil and gas from the Caucasus region, Iraq and Iran to both the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean. The US, UK and Saudi Arabia will do everything in their power to stop this from happening, including waging war.

But Israel has also previously stated its intention to get a slice of the pie as well. In May of this year, it was reported that Israel launched a series of missile attacks on a Syrian military installation. This was the second Israeli airstrike in the country in two days and the third this year. It also stated openly that it has the “moral” authority to attack Iran. But just how do our world “leaders” convince us to yet again, invade another country, steal their resources – um, I mean liberate them, and possibly start a third world war in the midst of it all?

By using the “moral imperative”. The vast majority of people, who are not psychopaths, are disgusted by the human rights abuses, murder, rape and chaos that occurs in other countries. There is nothing we’d like to see more, than those who commit grave crimes being brought to justice and stopped.

It therefore, makes us all the more easier to manipulate when we are told that we have to go to war or lose some of our fought-for freedoms to bring that about, by a world leadership that not only do not care about the oppression of other people in other countries, but in many instances, actually cause or support it.

But the horror doesn’t end there. Recently a highly disturbing video made its rounds online, showing members of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ people in the country.

It is important to note here that the Free Syrian Army is backed by the CIA.

chemical attack

So with the recent climbdown from both the UK and (for now) the US governments, are we seeing democracy in action? Have we finally learned the lessons from Iraq?

I doubt it. Just one cursory glance at what passes for news in the popular press has confirmed the fact that the powers that be are still so desperate for war that they are not only continuing to spew propaganda; but they are so sloppy, they can’t even bothered to deviate from the almost identical script they used to invade Iraq.

Only today I read in the Daily [Hate] Mail that a “leaked” document showed that Assad had used Sarin gas on his own people.

US secretary of State John Kerry claimed samples of hair and blood provided to the US by people in Damascus had ‘tested positive’ for the nerve agent.

And according to French intelligence agents, Assad had stockpiled tonnes of sarin and lethal nerve agents.

Ok..let me stop there. My head is getting a little dizzy from all that déjà vu. Now where have I heard this exact statement, almost word-for-word before?

Ahh yes. In 2003 when  graphic images of Saddam’s underground super bunkers and the deadly arsenal that was supposedly held within were paraded in front of the public, to give the green light for the Iraq war.

Remember that dossier which said that we could all be attacked within 45 minutes? The one we were basically all told to run for our lives, that our men, women and children were under siege and could all die at any moment? You know, the one which later proved to be a pack of lies? That same dossier which was exposed by Dr David kelly for being the fraud that it is. Dr Kelly, unfortunately died soon after making those revelations.

Therefore anybody who believes the current cabal of propaganda and dirty tricks trotted out by any of the superpowers – or even the UN – has an incredibly short memory or is being wilfully naive.

Let me ask you another question. Have you noticed at all, that those in government are always for the wars, while those in opposition are nearly always against them? And it doesn’t matter which party is in which position, it’s always the same.

Why is it that no matter who is in power, or who the people allegedly vote for, the same crooks always end up doing the same thing?

Why the deafening silence when it comes to dictatorships such as Zimbabwe, North Korea or the Chinese rule over Tibet? Why all of a sudden does the government care so deeply for the Syrian population that they are willing to bomb them in order to stop others doing the same?

It’s almost as if it is the same group of people ruling both the UK and the US. War is a tool of control, a way to spread fear and reduce the population.

So what is the solution? Is there a better way to help the Syrian people? The truth is, if the government really wanted to help innocent people caught up in the conflict in Syria, one way they could do this is by sending medical supplies, toiletries and essentials. And perhaps if more effort were spent on getting Russia and China to support a ban on all arm supplies until both sides run out of weapons and bullets, this would eventually help to reduce the conflict in the region.

But an arms ban is unlikely to be popular amongst those whose very salaries depend upon the sale of arms. And with there being such a clear conflict of interest there, perhaps the public should continue to protest and lobby not just the declaration of war – but the sale of arms. While we’re at it, why don’t we give the government the boot as well?

And perhaps after all of these manufactured civil wars in Syria are over, those who are releasing the chemical weapons could be brought before a war tribunal. Or would that open up a can of secrets that will embarrass our governments?

Those are just some of the ways in which we can not only help the population of Syria – but perhaps in doing so, inadvertently protect our own self-interests by reducing the possibility of all-out, global warfare.

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