MPs are set to vote on a new law that would give people the power to sack them if they are failing to act in the interests of their constituents.

Under the Recall of MPs Bill, voters would get the right to force a by-election. Constituents would be able to sack their MP if they are jailed for 12 months or if a committee of MPs decides they have been engaged in “serious wrongdoing”.

The legislation would enable a by-election to be forced if more than 10 per cent of constituents signed a petition calling for it in an eight week period.

However, rather than seek public consultation over this law, David Cameron is allowing backbench MPs to table their own amendments to the Recall of MPs Bill, which is due to be debated by MPs on the floor of the House of Commons next Tuesday.

It means that without public scrutiny, the Bill could be watered down so much so as to make it ineffective.

In fact, official research shows that the Bill already gives voters limited choice, with the bar being set so high that only a very few MPs would have faced a Recall by-election if the rules were already in force.

In its current form, campaigners argue that it would only serve as a token nod to voters, in order to give the illusion of choice.

A petition is being circulated by 38 Degrees encouraging voters to send a quick email to David Cameron, urging him to pass this Bill and strengthen it.

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