SNCF France’s only national railway company proudly boasts of being one of the best in Europe. But over recent years there have been more and more rail disasters. One has to question why do these disasters happen? In the UK, the last major crash was a Paddington station in the 20th century and since then British Rail – if you would call it that – got its act together and did all its major essential engineering works when the trains were not operating. The line is closed and buses are laid on. Why could the French not do it on this day?

However as we are led into another day, we saw rescue teams trying to find the passengers of the train crash at Bretigny-sur-Orge, south of Paris, today in the afternoon, going into the evening. According to French officials, at least six people have been killed and another thirty injured.

The cause of the crash is still being determined, but as it left Paris and headed towards Limoges, it was there that the train derailed crashing into a station platform. Of course like in all major rail disasters investigations are carried out to determine the root cause of the accident.

Both the judicial authorities and the BEA safety agency will be carry out investigations.
Was it an accident or could it have been the result of something else?

Unfortunately one will never know. Rescue teams had been working throughout the night trying to find the victims of the crash who may still be trapped amongst the wreckage.

French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, reported to the media: “The toll is currently six dead, 30 injured, of whom eight are in a serious condition. The wounded were all being treated in local hospitals.”

Yet the actual number could rise. The reason for this is that some of the victims were badly hurt.

A spokesman from the SNCF Guillaume Pepy, said, “Six carriages had derailed during the accident. The train’s third and fourth carriages derailed first and the others followed. He expressed his “solidarity” with the victims and their families, highlighting that: “rail catastrophes are something that upset the whole public. “

What is very sad in such disasters is when one reads that a small group of people attempt to steal from the victims shortly after the crash. Apparently they pretended to be rescue workers, and they threw stones at emergency services as workers tried to help the victims. Is this really necessary? What is happening to turn people into animals? Is it something that is put into the food to make people like this?

If it was a planned rail attack, whoever is in control of this evil had certainly chosen a good occasion, as the national network across France is very busy, especially as the week-end runs up to the Bastille Day bank holiday. French President Francois Hollande visited the devastation; he expressed his shock and horror to the French media.

He said: “The station would be closed for three days while investigations were carried out. We should avoid unnecessary speculation. What happened will eventually be known and the proper conclusions will be drawn.”

SNCF has reported that there were 385 passengers aboard when the train crashed. The station was crowded. Eyewitnesses also reported that the train went off of the rails and flew into the air before landing upside down. The first and second coaches were completely destroyed. There were people running around, and others crying over the victims trapped in the carnage. Some compared it with images of war, as the lifts were not working on the platform, and the number of passengers electrocuted and crushed, people wounded with blood on their faces, were like that seen in war zones.

It is not clear today if this has to do with work which was being carried out. What the reason behind it? The public need to know the truth. We can only wait and see if the truth will come out, for the victims and their families, so that more lessons can be learned from this unnecessary disaster in the 21st century.

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