Everyone has secrets. But not everyone has ever dared to voice those secrets in public.

Afterall, why would you? However, one self-development coach from Yorkshire is encouraging people to do just that as part of a new initiative which is set to take place on August 2nd in the Chapel Allerton area of Leeds and is designed to get people to let go of the burden that those secrets create.

Ofcourse, the caveat to that is participants get to air their dirty laundry anonymously, by writing them down on a card and putting them into a box. Those secrets will then be hung on a washing line displayed prominently in the middle of town.

Sounds crazy right? Not so much. You see the whole idea behind the project is to acknowledge those deep, dark corners of our personality that haunt us every day and simply..let them go.

Think of it as an alternative form of therapy, if you will. The project has been organised by Mike Matthews, founder of MICA – an organisation which provides the local community with an opportunity to improve their lives by listening to inspirational speakers from all over the world to share their stories and lessons in life with audience members.

Commenting on this latest project, Mike said: “Secrets are very private and provocative and as such we hold them very close to ourselves and often by doing so they obtain far greater significance than they ever should. The idea of sharing them is to finally realise the great benefit that letting go can have.”

He added: “We’ve had a Coronation Street actress, a multi-million selling award winning author and countless inspiring local speakers over the last year. The talks have been quite diverse from inspiring stories of triumph over adversity to how to better understand your personality”.

Mike is a life coach and has had an interest in personal development and the importance of strong community for many years. It is this interest which lead him to set up MICA in February 2013.

All of the proceeds from the talks goes back into arranging arts projects in the community, such as this one.

Last year, he organised an event called ‘Before I die’ where people were asked to share their bucket lists on a large blackboard. The project was only supposed to last for four weeks but ended up running for over four months due to the heightened interest.

Mike is also involved in a project called Urban Retreats in which he organises an event – usually lasting a day or two – where attendees are invited to come and take part in a range of self-help and personal development activities. These are often combined with alternative therapies such as Yoga and meditation.

The last one he held was on June 28th and included a combination of yoga, gong sound baths and meditation.

Following the popularity and success of that one day course, Mike says he hopes to organise similar events in the future.

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