140 countries pledge to end mercury poisoning

140 countries pledge to end mercury poisoning

Over 100 countries across the globe have vowed to cut toxic mercury pollution in the atmosphere, it has been revealed. To date, 140 countries have signed a treaty to address the levels of pollution caused by the metal as well as its mining, exportation, importation and safe storage. The Minamata Convention will also ban a range of products that contain[Read More…]

Neo-nazi group Golden Dawn ban foreigners from eating food

Neo-nazi group Golden Dawn ban foreigners from eating food

Fascists in Greece have recently attempted to stir up more racial hostility in the country by claiming that only white Greeks should have access to food. In a move which echoed that of the Nazi party in Hitler’s Germany, the Golden Dawn held a food rally in Athens in order to ensure that only Greek people were able to eat.[Read More…]

Neo-nazi gang on trial for racist murders in Germany

A neo-nazi gang has been put on trial after they allegedly went on the rampage and murdered nine innocent people and killed a police woman, it has been reported. The trial is thought to be one the most high-profile cases since World War II. It not only exposes the threats posed by fascist groups within the country, but also highlighted[Read More…]

Obama signed the  HR 933 legislation into law which gives Monsanto legal accountability

Monsanto granted immunity from legal accountability

Monsanto has been made immune from the law after legislation was passed which effectively removes the food giant from any corporate responsibility. Section 735 of the HR 933 legislation has been dubbed the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ after the government effectively banned federal courts from being able to halt the sale of genetically modified (GM) or genetically engineered (GE) foods, even[Read More…]

Patrick Awuah

African entrepreneur helps to inspire the next generation of leaders

A Ghanaian millionaire has ditched a highly lucrative role at Microsoft to help create the next generation of leaders in Africa, it has been reported. Patrick Awuah is the founder of Ashesi University in Ghana which is known for its high-tech facilities and strong emphasis on business, technology and leadership. He pumped millions of his own money into the venture[Read More…]