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Tenants in arrears to get benefits transferred to landlords

Tenants in arrears to get benefits transferred to landlords

  The government has launched a new scheme which may see those who are on benefits having their money diverted to landlords, it has emerged. A circular published by the Department for Work and Pensions on Monday revealed that tenant’s of social landlords will have their benefits transferred to their housing provider, if they accrue two months of arrears. The[Read More…]

‘British workers face annual pay cut’

‘British workers face annual pay cut’

The government has raided the bank accounts of every single citizen in the UK by dramatically and deliberately reducing their spending power over the last few years, according to one economic analyst. Simon Rose, financial journalist, and spokesman for Save Our Savers has revealed how the gradual increase in inflation has slowly eroded our savings. Although many people have become[Read More…]

Victim of rape in the Yugoslavian war

Deadlier than a bomb: War and the female holocaust

“A nation is not conquered until the women’s hearts lay on the ground.” – Cheyenne Indian saying War is often romanticised by those who have not had the misfortune to experience it. Or more specifically, by those who have not been on the receiving end of a repeated campaign of wide-spread, orchestrated sexual violence. Such violence has recently been described[Read More…]

Jayne Storey

‘Mindfulness makes business sense’

Encouraging employees to practice mindfulness and meditation in the workplace can boost productivity and enhance concentration, according to two new findings published recently. According to Jayne Storey, a performance coach who has helped to train Olympic athletes, celebrities and directors in top businesses, practicing “mindfulness” in the workplace helps employees to quickly and easily become more efficient. As the founder[Read More…]

Middle-Eastern dance show combats stereotypes in Leeds

A Middle-Eastern dance show aimed at combating stereotypes about Arabic art proved popular among Leeds residents last week. The show Funoon, attracted around 100 dance fans who bore witness to a fusion of different dance styles from across Africa and the Arabic world. The show was the brainchild of acclaimed dancer, Nawarra who formed a collaboration with top performers across[Read More…]