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‘Police harass victims of sexual abuse and robbery to make crime figures disappear’

‘Police harass victims of sexual abuse and robbery to make crime figures disappear’

A new report reveals how police have managed to achieve their greatest feat yet: making crime disappear. Or more accurately, making the reports of crime disappear. And just where have all these allegations come from? The police themselves. Police officers told a Commons committee that crime reports of ‘burglary’ were routinely made to vanish, alongside reports of sex crimes, robbery[Read More…]

Mark Straker

Inspirational filmmaker honoured in ceremony

An inspirational filmmaker has been honoured for his work in the community, after he passed away suddenly. Mark Straker had been involved in the Project Postcode youth programme with Reading’s Hollywood actor Winston Ellis in 2012. He had built up a name for himself in the local community and formed partnerships with organisations such as Reading Borough Council, Reading College[Read More…]

Jeremy Hunt

Millionaire MP Jeremy Hunt claims 5p in expenses

Millionaire politician MP Jeremy Hunt has claimed 5p in expenses for a paper clip it has emerged. The cabinet minister also submitted expenses requests for an 8p page marker and a 41p black folder. It has also been reported that Mr Hunt will shortly be signing a £17 million business deal by selling his 49 per cent stake in Hotcourses[Read More…]

Naomi Thomas

Wedding charity planner hailed as ‘inspirational woman of the year’

A Somerset woman has been praised for her achievements after launching a charity which plans weddings for the terminally ill. Naomi Thomas, 31, from Wellington, has set up and run the Wishing Well Foundation, which has already seen six couples get married. Naomi was diagnosed with cancer herself back in April 2009, two days after getting engaged to her partner.[Read More…]

First the storm and then the snow

First the storm and then the snow

Forecasters have once again predicted that the UK will be hit with a very bad winter. This time people should expect brutal winds and fierce blizzards, while record breaking snowfalls are likely to come about at the start of December. It has been predicted to last for around for three months. Over the course of the last few days the[Read More…]