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How 99% of US citizens have been scammed by the system

How 99% of US citizens have been scammed by the system

The ordinary man and woman on the street has no chance of ‘winning’ when it comes to investment or finance, according to a new report. In a special report published by Business Insider, an investment manager said that the financial system is so corrupt that 99.9 per cent of Americans have little hope of profiting from it. The manager, who[Read More…]

Police sniffer dog

US cops torture innocent man with 14 hour body cavity search and forced surgery

A routine traffic stop turned into a 14 hour cavity search for one man in New Mexico after he failed to stop at a stop sign at a Wal-Mart exit. David Eckart was asked by cops to exit his vehicle and when he did, the officer claimed that he was ‘clenching his buttocks’ and used that as a basis to[Read More…]

Kidnapped detainees are routinely tortured by US state officials in Guantanimo

CIA ordered doctors to torture detainees held in Guantanamo Bay without charge

A new report has revealed how the CIA ordered military doctors to break their oath and design new torture methods in Guantanamo Bay. Hundreds of prisoners have been kept without charge and without concrete evidence at the prison. One of the main methods of extracting confessions from them is through the use of torture. Disturbingly, a report by the Taskforce[Read More…]

Tesco customers to be tracked and entered onto a database

Tesco customers to be tracked and entered onto a database

Tesco has announced plans to install facial recognition software in petrol stations so that advertisements can be tailored to suit them, it has been reported. The report was first published in the Grocer, and revealed how the retailer will introduce the OptimEyes screen, developed by Alan Sugar’s Amscreen, to all 450 of its UK petrol stations. This new screen will[Read More…]

Gareth Williams

Police claim MI6 spy committed suicide then padlocked his own body in a bag

I kid you not. One story that has been making the rounds recently is that of a rather unfortunate fellow called Gareth Williams who had also chosen an equally unfortunate career as an MI6 spy. This career was to spell the death knell to his life. No-one is quite certain of the circumstances surrounding his death, but the reported cover-up[Read More…]