Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt

Millionaire politician MP Jeremy Hunt has claimed 5p in expenses for a paper clip it has emerged.

The cabinet minister also submitted expenses requests for an 8p page marker and a 41p black folder.

It has also been reported that Mr Hunt will shortly be signing a £17 million business deal by selling his 49 per cent stake in Hotcourses – an education publishing firm he set up.

In addition to the smaller expenses, Mr Hunt has previously claimed £5,543 in car expenses.

His claims prompted outrage from Labour MP John Mann who said: “The rule in Parliament seems to be the richer you are, the more you don’t just watch the pennies but claim the pennies. He could pay for his own chauffeur and take someone off of the dole with this £17 million.”

However, a spokeswoman for the millionaire claimed that these expenses were necessary and “part of a bulk order of office supplies that all MPs claim to support their parliamentary and constituency duties.”

But Mr Hunt is by far not the only MP to ask the public to cough up money for his benefit. Recently it was revealed that Chancellor George Osborne claimed £10,000 a month in benefits um, expenses, and let out his family home while living rent free in his Downing Street flat.

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