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Harvard students perform black mass with satanic temple

Harvard students perform black mass with satanic temple

A satanic black mass ritual by Harvard students, has prompted a lot of fake outrage from Catholic church officials, it has been revealed. The “Black Mass” is said to be “celebrating Satan” and took place last week. The group involved in the ceremony has claimed that they are doing it purely for educational purposes. Speaking about the event, the club[Read More…]

Western media ignores Putin’s peace plan

Western media ignores Putin’s peace plan

The violence in Ukraine is continuing to grow worse, while the West turns a blind eye. Or rather, encourages the conflict. It is a volatile situation which could very rapidly erupt into a full scale war. In fact, in many ways it has already, with bloodshed and atrocities being committed in the region on both sides. When it comes to[Read More…]

The oil find in Australia is failing to enrich the public

Blog: Australia’s “black gold” failing to enrich the public

Australia has recently been discovered to have been sitting on its very own reserves of black gold, or in other words: oil. Trillions of pounds worth of the stuff was found last year – 233 billion barrels to be exact – in a find that some predicted could turn the region into a new Saudi Arabia. Australia is currently believed[Read More…]

The abduction of the missing girls in Nigeria has given the US an excuse to use military intervention.

Blog: Missing Nigerian girls: An excuse for military intervention?

Almost everyone has heard the heart-wrenching stories of the girls in Nigeria who have been kidnapped, supposedly by the Boko Haram. What has been particularly interesting is that this has caught the heart-strings of President Obama, and various politicians across the world. Supposedly. These are same political leaders who turned a blind eye to the rape and the torture of[Read More…]

Campaigners across the country are aiming to 'reset' the government over the next year

Meet the group of ordinary men and women who are pushing the re-set button on the government

The face of British politics could be changed forever after a group of activists in the country decided to press the reset button on the current power structure that governs society today. Most of those who have been carefully observing the patterns in politics and society at large are aware of the corruption and regular scandals that seem to blight[Read More…]