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Ian Tomlinson was a newspaper vendor who was killed by police in 2009 at the G20 demonstrations after being mistaken for a protester.

Govt to scrap human rights laws

Last week, the Akashic Times revealed how the government unveiled new laws outlining their plans to abolish freedom of speech and protest for anyone who criticises the government. You can read about that story HERE. However, sadly, the drive to obliterate every shred of the traditional human rights that we hold dear doesn’t end there. David Cameron has yet another[Read More…]

David Freud

Another Freudian slip? Lord Freud claims disabled people not worth the minimum wage

In an apparent bid to “incentivise” more disabled people to work, one Tory minister has suggested that “disabled people are not worth the minimum wage”. Over privileged Tory “Lord” David Freud, suggested that some should be paid less than £2 an hour, instead of the usual £6.50. In the recording made during a fringe meeting at the Conservative conference two[Read More…]

Sister Megan Rice, Greg Boertje-Obed and Michael Walli

Megan Rice: The brave 84 year old nun imprisoned in the US for non-violent protest

Megan Rice’s story is one of courage, hope and determination, despite being in the most dire of situations. Last year, she was commended for her bravery after being jailed for opposing nuclear weapons in America. Ms Rice is an 84 year old Catholic nun who is currently being incarcerated in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, while two[Read More…]

George Osborne is considering proposals to introduce a new employment tax

Govt considering introduction of ‘unemployment tax’

Workers could be forced to pay an extra tax in order to be eligible for unemployment support if they lose their job, under new suggestions introduced recently. Chancellor George Osborne is currently considering plans to make workers pay at least £5 a week into a personal “welfare account” to get higher benefits if they lose their job. By higher benefits[Read More…]

US military confirm existence of ‘chemtrails’ and weather manipulation

US military confirm existence of ‘chemtrails’ and weather manipulation

The idea that the government or the military is manipulating the weather and mindsets of entire countries and populations was at one time hailed as some ridiculous conspiracy theory. After all, it is not something that we read about often in the broadsheets and of course any suggestion that something as natural as the weather could be manipulated by man,[Read More…]