Claire Pepper

Claire Pepper

A cyclist who was severely injured on the roads in the UK has praised the strangers who helped to save her life.

Fashion photographer Claire Pepper was involved in a collision with a car in London, and ended up trapped underneath it.

Around ten passers-by helped to lift the car off of her and release her from underneath it.

She said: “‘I left work and had been cycling for about 10 minutes. I remember being on my bike on Kingsland Road and the next thing I remember was waking up in hospital at 2am.

“Undoubtedly the people that lifted the car off me saved my life so I could get help quicker. They are my heroes.”

She believes wearing a helmet saved her life. Her injuries included a broken collarbone and bruises, which could have been a lot worse had she have cycled without a helmet.

Among those who assisted her were taxi drivers from a nearby firm, City Man.
Ahmed Yusuf, 44, Shehryar Taj, 20, and two other drivers helped to hoist the car off of her.
Mr Taj told the London Evening Standard: “We held the car up for as long as we could. The woman was unconscious and we were doing everything possible. We were glad we could help the poor woman.
“We hope the woman recovers and we wish her the best. It was all very upsetting.”

Ms Pepper also added that she would like to trace and personally thank all of those who helped her once she recovers.

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