Dymond Milburn at the time when she was attacked by police

Dymond Milburn at the time when she was attacked by police

Recently, much ado has been made in the media about the Django unchained actress, Daniele Watts who was recently handcuffed by police in LA after she was accused of being a prostitute.

While the case was focussed on her and opened up the debate about perceived institutional racism and the actions of all of those involved on the day, there are other more disturbing and noteworthy cases that have failed to get the media spotlight.

Police brutality and the shocking lack of accountability in police forces across the US is unfortunately showing no signs of abating.

The Akashic Times, has in the past documented some of the most terrifying cases of police violence to ordinary members of the public, ranging from roadside body cavity searches – yes you read that right – to public executions.

 But perhaps the most terrifying aspect of all is the fact that in the vast majority of these cases, the perpetrators are very rarely ever brought to justice.

In some cases, they are even promoted.

Consider the case of a young woman by the name of Dymond Milburn, who was aged 12 when she became the victim of a sustained campaign of police brutality and coverups on the fateful day of August 22nd 2006.

Milburn had been outside flicking a breaker switch outside her house when her home had an electricity outage. She was then approached by plainclothes police officers who accused her of being a prostitute – for being outside.

Three men exited the vehicle without identifying themselves. The men were cops with the Galveston police in Texas and as they approached Dymond, one of them said: “You’re a prostitute, you’re coming with me”.

They then attempted to bundle her into their vehicle, and as anyone in their right mind would, she scratched and clawed at the aggressors in an attempt to prevent herself from being kidnapped.

The three male officers, who still hadn’t identified themselves as such by that time, then began beating her as they tried to force her into the unmarked van. One of them placed his hand over her mouth in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent her from screaming and alerting her parents.

The officers involved were David Roark (the man who muzzled her mouth), Sean Stewart and their Sergeant, Gilbert Gomez.

Her parents heard the commotion and ran outside and told the violent thugs, after ascertaining who they were: “That’s our daughter. She’s twelve.” The officers said “I couldn’t give a damn”.

The officers decided to bring Dymond to the hospital for medical attention and her injuries were horrific. She suffered a head injury, a throat injury, abrasions on her arms, a sprained wrist, two black eyes, and lacerations as well as spinal injuries. On top of all these physical wounds, Dymond also suffered nightmares and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Her hospital bill came to $8,000. But her troubles did not end there. In order to cover up for their misgivings, the police showed up at her school once she had recovered, to arrest her for “assault” and “resisting arrest”.

All of this for the crime of trying to stop three unknown men from forcing her into the back of a van under very spurious pretences.

Dymond’s father, Wilfred Milburn, was arrested for interfering with public duties when he attempted to rescue his daughter from the assailants

Fast forward to three years later, and Milburn has been put through the further hassle of two trials on the charges of resisting arrest and assault. Both ended up in a mistrial.

None of the officers were called to account. In fact – they were actually rewarded. Sometime later, Sean Stewart was commended as being “officer of the year”.

Sean Stewart was rewarded for his thuggery

Sean Stewart was rewarded for his thuggery

Gomez went on to work for the department up until 2012 when he started his own private detective services.

The family have also yet to reach a settlement after multiple appeals by officers, who asked the court to dismiss the case based upon qualified immunity.

Had her parents not rushed outside when they did, who knows what would have happened, or what the true intentions of the officers were?

Fast forward to 2014, and in Oklahoma, an officer has been arrested and accused of sexual battery and rape after a judge approved a probable cause arrest warrant.

Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, had worked for the Oklahoma City Police Department for three years and is accused of sexually assaulting at least seven females – all of them black.

The Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office anticipated first-degree charges of rape by instrumentation, forcible oral sodomy, sexual battery and indecent exposure.

Police Chief Bill Citty announced that victims were forced to expose themselves, fondle themselves and one of the women was raped. Citty said several of the women were forced to perform oral sex on Holtzclaw.

Citty added: “Traffic stops, some of the individuals were actually just walking. Walking in their neighborhood and they were stopped, you know, searched, threatened in some way with arrest or something to that extent. And as a result of that, actually coerced them into providing sexual favors to him.”

Daniel Ken Holtzclaw

Daniel Ken Holtzclaw

One of the women was a 57 year old grandmother was one of the first to come forward after being forced to perform oral sex on Holtzclaw.

Following the police department’s response, NAACP President Anthony Douglas urged other women in the community to come forward if they feel they’ve been a victim of similar crimes.

In Tulsa, a deputy sheriff has been forced to resign after being accused of sexually assaulting two women at a Tulsa County Home.

26 year old Gerald Nuckolls was arrested, and said in a statement that he had exposed himself because he has a problem being around pretty women. Under-Sheriff Albin has since asked for any other victims to come forward.

Gerald Nuckolls

Gerald Nuckolls

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