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So with the nature of the threat escalating in the Middle East, one question remains: What, if anything, can the ordinary man or woman on the streets to subvert and oppose the possibility of war on a grand scale? Such wars are orchestrated by psychopathic leaders who have already demonstrated their willingness to create carnage and brutality for money and power.

Afterall, millions of people across the world marched in opposition to the Iraq war in 2003 didn’t they? But determined to show who was boss, the leaders of the world went ahead and invaded Iraq anyway.

So it is clear, that any solution must first aim to topple the existing power structure or at the very least, exert greater pressure on both the government and the weapons manufacturers who fund them. It is also necessary to place considerable pressure on members of the armed forces who will be fighting in these wars, thus actively enabling it to take place.

But inevitably, any call for action is usually met with: “There’s nothing we can do”. Nothing is further from the truth.

Let me explain why.

Doing nothing is a vote for war – including a war which may one day wipe out entire communities in the Western world. Therefore, doing nothing has already been ruled out as an option. Afterall if armed thugs were breaking into your home and stated their intention to harm everyone within it, would you at least try and defend yourself and your family, when you had nothing left to lose?

The same principle applies here. In many ways it is difficult for people to imagine that any sort of conflict could kick off in the West, when every day life continues as normal and when world leaders go to great lengths not to publicly divulge the gravity of the situation or indeed, the real reason for the Syrian conflict in the first place.

But as the first part of this special investigation has demonstrated, not only is it important to put an end to the carnage that is needlessly slaughtering millions across the globe, but it will make the possibility of attack less of a reality to ourselves and those we love.

While it is important not to spread panic and fear – which are both counterproductive, it is vital for citizens everywhere to monitor the situation, keep informed and be prepared to oppose it if necessary.

But how can one individual stand up against a power structure determined to cause chaos?

Mass opposition comes in three stages: Awareness, Pressure and as a last resort: Organised resistance.

Spreading information, conducting your own research and posting videos over Youtube, social media sites, local meetings, groups, talks and discussions, can all play an important role in informing people about the current situation, independently of a bought and paid for mass media.

This will help to raise awareness about the reality of the situation in the Middle East and how and why it should be a concern to everyone.

The second stage of public intervention starts with the recognition that Western countries can only attack Syria and Iran with the full backing of the military.

Therefore one way to exert pressure on the military is to write letters to soldiers – particularly commanding officers, send videos, post on military forums, anything to voice opposition. If you are in a town with military base, put up posters and hand out flyers.

But if none of this is feasible then at the very least, spread messages via Facebook and Twitter, share information and encourage friends and family to get involved.

Remember this is NOT about demonising ordinary rank and file members of the army. Rather, this is about sending a message to the very top ranks within the military that the country CANNOT get behind or support a nuclear war, which would very quickly spiral out of control and spell the end for the majority of people who do not have military-controlled underground bunkers built especially for top politicians and royalty.

All of this may seem like a long-shot but if even one high level officer speaks out against the war in Syria or Iran then it can have a ripple effect that prevents it from moving forward and escalating.

Also if you reach out to as many people as possible, you may come across someone who does know someone in the top ranks of the military and thus be able to reach them directly.

Another way to voice dissent is to hit the government and their corporate paymasters where it hurts: in the pocket. Economic protest is often overlooked when it comes to opposing a regime. But without the full support of all of those people who pay taxes and put their money into mainstream banks who help to fund conflicts as Barclays did during the second world war, then such conflicts would not be possible.

The third stage is one which is not only a last resort but one which should only be deployed once it is clear that there is immediate danger to the lives of every man, woman and child in the country.

So what is the final stage? Organised resistance, when all other options are exhausted. As we saw with the Iraq war, protesting alone is highly unlikely to yield results.

But an organised and strategic fightback against military aggression during times of conflict when those around you are losing their lives anyway, is a distant but equally important strategy. It is one which should be used only when it becomes clear that the first two tactics have not worked. But it is one which requires training, co-operation and strategic tactics.

One thing is clear. There is no political will to create stability worldwide, when war and conflict is so profitable for those that create it. Therefore, rather than waiting for someone else, the leadership must instead fall back into the hands of the very people who should have been deciding their own fates in the first place – and that is joe public.

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