Deanna Black

Deanna Black

“Believe in your words” – Deanna Black

Low-self esteem and stress is unfortunately all too prevalent in today’s societies, where we are constantly bombarded with advertisements and magazine features about how to make ourselves look more beautiful.

Is it any wonder that we see the rise of depression, mental health issues such as anorexia and excess stress, when all we hear are messages about how we could look better, dress better and be more like those celebrities that we watch on television?

Add to that the fact that many people may have grown up hearing similar messages from their parents, school bullies or their peers telling them about how they could be more beautiful. It takes a very strong person indeed, to reject such mind-programming and maintain their confidence.

Women are particularly affected by this, and are often expected to play the twin roles of being a supermodel, supermum, chef extraordinaire, sex goddess and saint – all rolled into one.

Earlier this year, a report by the The Future Foundation revealed that one in four girls aged between 11 and 17 are weighed down by pressure to conform to an ‘ideal notion’ of how they should look.

The widespread lack of physical confidence has led to girls spending an average of 42 minutes a day working on their appearance, choosing outfits and applying make-up – almost as much time as they spend doing homework.

More than half of the girls studied said they would be happier if they were more physically attractive.

The results have been interpreted to suggest that the lack of confidence among young women will result in thousands failing to achieve their professional potential.

And once we get it into our heads that we are not good enough – it is very hard to shake off those negative belief patterns. This is why a great many people turn to things such as hypnotherapy, and psychology in order to battle their demons.

Akashic Times caught up with one leading hypnotherapist based in the UK, who has already had a track record of helping people to overcome their negative belief patterns.

Meet Deanna Black. Deanna Black is a clinical hypnotherapist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire with experience in treating stress and low self-esteem.

Originally from Canada, she is the founder of and she claims that hypnosis can dramatically improve a person’s outlook on life and programme to feel more positive – in a matter of just a few weeks.

Not only has she helped other people to boost their self-esteem she also used hypnotherapy and life coaching to improve her own life so dramatically that she is barely recognisable from her former self.

We will be featuring her full, in-depth story over the next few weeks.

Deanna has helped many people on the road to wellness, and deals with all sorts of problems – everything from obesity, to stress busting and confidence building.

But she is no ordinary hypnotherapist. Deanna says that she combines the laws of attraction, with hypnotherapy to help programme a whole new set of empowering beliefs and ideals which can dramatically help people to turn their lives around.

She claims that she can also help people to learn self-hypnosis – enabling them to do it in the comfort of your own home.

She currently lives in the Yorkshire area, and has encouraged people to get in touch with her to see how she can help to liberate them from self-limiting beliefs.

She can be contacted on 01134 435129. Her skype address is deanna_black.

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