African children are being used as lab rats to test potentially dangerous vaccines, it has been reported.

In the the small village of Gouro, Chad, Africa, it was reported that around five hundred children were locked into their school, and threatened with expulsion if they did not agree to get vaccinated with the meningitis A vaccine.

The vaccine was unlicensed and still going through the third phase of testing.
In a matter of hours, at least 106 children began to suffer from severe headaches, vomiting, severe uncontrollable convulsions and paralysis.

Over a week passed until they were finally able to see a doctor. Meanwhile, the vaccinations continued and more children fell ill.

The doctor was unable to help the children and upon seeing what had happened, the vaccinators fled the village in fear.

According to the exclusive report by Vactruth, 50 of the children were finally transferred to a hospital in Faya and later taken by plane to two hospitals in N’Djamena, the capital city of Chad.

However, none were given medical treatment or diagnosis, and instead their families just received £1000 and told that their condition was not caused by the injections, which raises further questions over why they were given the ‘hush’ money.

Interestingly, during the time the children spent in the hospital, two more children joined them from another village.

The vaccinations took place during a national campaign, which took place on December 11, 2012. All of the vaccinations took place without the parents knowledge.

One relative reported to Vactruth: “The children drop suddenly to the ground and shake violently before going paralyzed. We do not know what is wrong and we want answers. No one will help us. Our children were well and fit, we have never had meningitis in our area, so why did they vaccinate our children with this vaccination? Our children have since become aggressive in their behavior and have a rash all over their bodies. They are having terrible, frightening convulsions. Why won’t anyone help us?”

The parents of the children have put forward the following questions to their government and organisations associated with the vaccine program including Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH WHO, MVP and UNICEF.

They asked: Were the vaccines used on the children out-of-date? Had some of the batches been spoiled in the heat? Did the vaccinators vaccinate the children inadvertently with an unsafe product? Was the maximum duration of four days without refrigeration respected and adhered to? Were the vaccinators adequately trained?

In a statement, the parents of the affected children said: “As parents, our priority is to get back the health our children. We feel that it is very sad that [our] entire city is paralyzed and is suffering from epilepsy. We were hoping that our government would make a stand and save our children, but it has so far failed to do so. Therefore we call assistance for everyone in the world to intervene.”

They continued: “Our needs are for a health specialist, an organisation or an individual to assist the sick children, to help them to get their health back.”
In addition, they also emphasised their need for a lawyer to help with legal issues and get justice for their children, as well as an independent freelance journalist to help them get media coverage and spread the word about what has happened to their children.

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